Welcome to ilechko.com.ua. We offer best woodwork products, doors, stairs, general and interiors furniture. But this is only a part of a large family business – Creative Carpentry workshop, so we invite you to visit our web page tsm.lviv.ua, where you can get acquainted with products of our frame workshop and kheruvym.com.ua – with church equipment.

About us

We are a family production enterprise in the City of Lviv, founded in 1993. We are engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing wooden doors, stairs, furniture, wall panels, and wooden interiors. We work with both private households and commercial units, hotels, restaurants and others.


Our story

It all started back in 1961, when the future founder of the company, Vasyl Ilechko, who at that time was only 10 years old, was given a wooden plane as a gift. Since that time he has had a passion for woodworking and has continued to find enjoyment in it throughout the years, having never left the trade of carpentry. Later, he obtained training as a joiner and began to work independently, fulfilling individual orders. There were so many orders that sometimes he had to work for 16 hours a day. In the 80’s, the biggest problem was that it was difficult not only to buy a joiner’s bench, but usual tools that for every joiner are “extra hands”. Thus, in 1988, Vasyl Ilechko built, based on his drawings, his own versatile woodworking machine, which opened up many new opportunities for the development of his own joiner’s business.

After Ukraine gained independence in 1991, Vasyl Ilechko founded the private enterprise “The Creative Joinery Workshop”, which today is a powerful manufacturing company and maintains a leading position in the region.
The philosophy of the owner and founder of “The Joinery Workshop” is simple: “Make it either very well or do not make it at all”. Perhaps, that is why we have a lot of customers not only in Ukraine, but also from European countries.


What is the difference?

We work with each customer individually, starting with the design, we continue with manufacturing and complete with mounting the products. We offer a comprehensive “turnkey” solution.



Our main advantage is perfect quality of our products. Three-stage grinding, three-layer (sometimes more) varnishing – these have been a few secrets of consistently high quality of our products for the past more than 25 years.